Welcome to Virtual CEO Consulting

Simply put, we help our clients improve their performance in three fundamental business areas.

1. Strategic Execution
We help senior leaders identify high lift opportunities and mitigate constraints. We ensure that an organization’s key decision makers are on the same page and ready to move forward. Our unique business performance assessments provide a very important edge – focus and speed. (Learn More)
 2. Developing Leaders
We help organizations develop leaders who are confident and comfortable in their leadership role.  We work with our clients to develop a target leadership profile and then evaluate, mentor, and support leaders in alignment with this profile. (Learn More)
 3. Customer and Stakeholder Loyalty
We quickly and conveniently gather and report the perspectives of your most important constituencies, including customers, staff, board, sponsors, and communities.  We compare the opinions of your customers with your internal service staff and management. (Learn More)

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